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Optopreneur College (formerly known as “Institut Optopreneur”) was established in April 2003 with a commitment to provide quality education. Optopreneur College is a city campus located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle, just a brief walking distance from the Petronas Twin Towers, offers students the stimulating experience of a city campus with complete urban facilities.history-images
Optopreneur College is a leader in high-quality and accessible higher education in Malaysia. Optopreneur College believes in a hybrid education model that nurtures both the theoretical foundations and work experience at the same time With a committed partnership of more than 100 retail giants, Optopreneur College offers a variety of education programs with internship placements to fulfill the requirements of the programs. Internship placements allow the students to practice the theoretical models in real life situations.
Graduates from Optopreneur College programs will have a unique advantage against others in the competitive employment market.

The logo reflects entrepreneurship, education and excellence in setting new standards of quality teaching, learning and acquisition of lifetime career skills.

Entrepreneurship – A culmination of vast practical applications with sound fundamentals of business and human resource skills. With these skills comes the ability to make good judgment and decisions.

Education – The excellent academic pursuits that instills the immediate application of these information to enhance the understanding of the subject matter in the tasks undertaken in the challenging period of your career. Education is the backbone of this success. Education is a journey towards the future and every step taken now reflects the progress beyond any form of measure.

Excellence – Performance of the highest standards beyond expectations of the industry and being industry ready is the culmination of this excellence. At Institute Optopreneur, we believe that true success belongs only to those who possess these three pillars of strength.

Entrepreneurship, Education, Excellence

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