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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


The College is committed to provide a rich and stimulating academic environment in order to promote creative and scholarly academic pursuits among its faculty and to equip students with integrated, experiential, and personalized learning environment to encourage critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, effective communication, ethical decision making, social responsibility knowledge, skills, sound moral values, appreciation of arts and life-long learning that would prepare them to become productive and innovative professionals with a commitment to nation building in the context of one world.


The College envision to be a Center of Academic Excellence, where inter-active teaching and learning takes place under an atmosphere of new ideas, where learners are nurtured towards creative thinking and innovative responses to challenges arising from the environment; where the lecturers teach from the strength of their education and practice; and where the demands of society, and field of works are seriously considered as inputs into the academic market place.
The programs of study will be distinguished by the personalized attention accorded to students, an integrated and contemporary curriculum, and the dedication of the faculty to creating an extraordinary classroom environment and facilitating career opportunities for graduates.

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